CT514 polyester fabric tape

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zeer sterke polyester tape 19mm * 25 meter. Zwart. Kan gebruikt worden voor het omwikkelen van draadbomen. Kan tegen temperaturen tot 125 graden celsius. Merk Certoplast, type 514. Een nadeel, de lijmlaag gaat wel iets zweten door de tape heen.

certoplast 514

certoplast 514 is especially designed for cable harnessing in the automotive industry. By means of the specially designed smooth polished tape surface, a soil repellent and permanently flexible cable harness is obtained which, compared to many other tape materials, is very well protected against external mechanical stress (e.g. sharp edges).Due to its high temperature stability, its extremly robust backing, and its good media resistance, certoplast 514 can also be used in the engine compartment.

High quality polyester fabric tape with especially smooth polished surface, in combination with a strong, rubber-based adhesive. 

black, other colours upon request

  • High adhesive force
  • free of critical substances (halogens, softeners, etc)
  • stable against rotting
  • non-abrasive
  • flexible and easy to handle
  • high mechanical stability in machine processing
  • temperature stability 3000 h / +125°C(short term 150°C)
  • resistant against diesel, oil, fuel, etc.
  • flame resistance corresponds to VW TL1010, FMVSS 302, UL 510, DBL 5307 and BMW GS 95008-3

      Value Dimension
    backing smooth polished polyester fabric  
    adhesive rubber -based  
    thickness 0,17 +- 0,03 mm
    tensile strength >= 80,0 N/cm
    elongation >= 10 %
    adhesion to steel >= 4,0 N/cm
    temperature range -40 / +125 °C
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